Instagram Story templates are a fun and interesting way to engage with and connect with your followers. It’s a chance to get interactive with people, share a bit about yourself, and learn a little bit about them in return. They can be also be great conversation starters outside of social media, so feel free to download them and take them with you. You never know what tidbits of information you might learn, even from your own friends and family!

To use: just download or screenshot the images you want to use, upload them to your Instagram Story, and fill them in with your answers! Tag your friends, followers, or other Insta accounts you want to hear from so they can share their own answers too! Be sure to also tag @wanderlost.and.found when you post them, I love seeing your answers and learning a few new things about you all!

Remember to tag @wanderlost.and.found when you post these! Can’t wait to see what everyone shares

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